Read what others have to say about working with Holly Steflik. Clients with a variety of health issues --- asthma, anxiety, depression, joint issues, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, chronic pain, headaches/migraines, low energy, allergies, sinus infections, TMJ --- talk about Holly's positive impact on their health. Students share comments on her easy-going yet highly effective teaching style and the benefits of learning from Holly. 

My life changed because of Bodytalk work I did with Holly. I feel connected and complete in this physical body for the first time in my 50 years and this was only the first session! Bodytalk goes deep, to the source of issues, finds long-standing problems, but can correct them in a heart-beat. This quantum healing is the medicine of the future, and Holly is one of it’s most talented practitioners. I have worked with many healers in the past 5 years. They all are good at what they do, but only a few rise to the level of talent that I would call “artistry” and Holly is one of them!
— P.R.
When I started seeing Holly for BodyTalk in 2006 I was on antidepressants, cholesterol meds, high blood pressure meds and was borderline diabetic. Since BodyTalk I have been off antidepressants for over 10 years. My blood pressure is normal without medications, my cholesterol profile is excellent, my blood sugar is normal. I have lost 20 lbs. and although I am still stiff, my knee pain is gone. I now have recognized, with help from Holly and BodyTalk, that conditions I thought were irreversible consequences of aging are actually amenable to positive change.
— Genie Robinson
Bodytalk in the sessions has helped with my chronic anxiety and built my energy level back from being ill over the past year. Each session seems to either balance something in my body (much like acupuncture would) or resolve a problem that has been with me since childhood. I always feel more relaxed and in less pain immediately after a session with Holly. Even better, the effects are cumulative and I feel healthier and more like myself days and weeks later. After a year of acute problems and a lifetime of chronic ones, I’m very happy with the progress that we’ve made in 2 months and look forward to making more.
— Josh Whittaker
Holly has an amazing set of skills. She uses a wide range of modalities including BodyTalk, Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT), San Baio, Biogeometry, and massage. She works with your body’s innate wisdom to remove barriers to full health. She seamlessly integrates her experience and skills to provide focused and effective healing sessions.

Holly is deeply knowledgeable in energy medicine and is widely sought after for her experience with acute injuries, chronic illnesses, dealing with old emotional scars or addressing outdated belief systems that hold us back from reaching out full potential . I have benefitted immensely from working with her and continue to seek out her help regularly. Holly is smart, experienced, fun and empathetic. She’s a real asset to our community.
— Ann Leonard
I was diagnosed with dangerous levels of lead and mercury and high levels of aluminum, cadmium and other metals.
I began intravenous chelation therapy which left me feeling tired and drained. I started looking for and alternative therapy. A friend suggested BodyTalk with Holly as non-invasive approach. I was skeptical but after my fifth BodyTalk session, I became ill for a few hours and then slept for about twelve hours. I felt great the next day and began to wonder whether I had purged myself of the toxins so arranged for another toxicity test. The health care professional was amazed to find the test results showing all toxins to be gone. All heavy metals were in the normal range. BodyTalk with Holly was the therapy I was doing at the time!
— Robert Crum
Despite several session with a Chiropractor, My daughters Diastasis Recti disappeared after one CFT/BT session with Holly. She used to walk slightly bow legged and with a limp but her body balanced it over night after seeing Holly. Her improved structure has remained healed for over a year now!.
— Shira Sanchez
As a Physical Therapist in an outpatient setting, I have taken numerous courses over the years. Since taking CFT in April 2014, my results have been nothing short of outstanding. I have made substantial differences in the quality of life of my patients on both the physical and emotional levels. The patient testimonials speak volumes for my results with CFT. Much thanks to Dr. Barry Gillespie and the and the wonderful group of instructors teaching CFT.
— Tom Palya PT, CSCS, CBP
I went to see Holly for CFT out of curiosity. One of the children I work with was getting a CFT session with her and she let me watch the session. After watching 2 sessions with Holly, I had a session. It was interesting that while she was working with her hands mainly on my head I could feel releasing in other parts of my body. When I left her office my pelvis felt so light and I had much more freedom of movement. The feeling reminded me of when I was much younger and there was delight in movement - I didn’t know it was a feeling I was missing until I had a session with Holly. I had a second session a month later and part of the focus was on my sinuses. A month later I can still breathe better and am not as stuffed up as I would normally be. This is very interesting work and I highly recommend it.
— Jan Sevde
I have been sick with allergies and chronic sinus infections since birth and had anxiety and depression since college. I have had 6 sessions with Holly and her ability to combine Bodytalk and CFT into a session has been very therapeutic for me. Each session is calming, healing, and often offers insight into those conditions that have plagued me for years as it resolves them.
I also suffered several head injuries as a teenager. The CFT has significantly relieved the pain and numbness in the neck. Holly’s work has also allowed me to make excellent progress with the TMJ pain I developed after dental surgery earlier this year. The headaches and jaw pain from the TMJ, and chronic sinus headaches I have every winter are so much better. Each session I look forward to the relaxation that comes as the chronically tight tissues in my neck.
— Josh Whittaker
I began my journey towards becoming a BodyTalk practitioner with Holly at her healing center in Chapel Hill. Holly opened the door into the world of BodyTalk, enabling me to believe that I really could become a practitioner. She made the immense amount of material in the BodyTalk Fundamentals seem easy and fun. She never moved forward from a subject without being sure that we understood all the information and techniques which applied. She organized the sessions so that we would have plenty of time for practice, and she was always there with practical suggestions and encouragement. Holly is a highly gifted BodyTalk practitioner and a great teacher! I look forward to having the opportunity of studying with her again in the near future.
— Rowena Zabrodsky
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to monitor your BodyTalk Fundamentals course. As a BodyTalk Practitioner for 10 years, I was inspired by the depth of your appreciation for the ‘Fundamental’ work in your teaching. The material was presented coherently and effectively demonstrated, while still taking time to give personal attention to the questions and investigations of your students. Your warmth and loving smile kept us all feeling at ease.

Thank you for the BodyTalk sessions. I am awed by the extensive knowledge of BodyTalk you have acquired over the years, and the comprehensive way your sessions reveal profound shifts. I appreciate the valuable insights.
— Karen Sorensen
Working with Holly has been a transformative and fun experience for me. When I began working with her, I felt very stuck and depressed about the state of my life. After only a few sessions, I noticed an enormous change in my disposition and enjoyment of my life. I feel lighter and more present in my life. I have done several distance sessions with her and I am always amazed at the accuracy of the information she picks up and how much better I feel after the session. She has also done distance sessions on my children and I have noticed major changes in them as well. My son has become more confident and independent and trusting of the world around him.

I think the only thing I have enjoyed more than getting sessions from Holly is actually taking BodyTalk classes from her. She is such an incredible resource and I have learned so much from her.
— Katherine Worden
So I wanted to give you a quick update. First I have been balancing my cortices daily... and I found that I am being much more productive at work!! And just feeling more put together!

Also, I know I have been a fan of bodytalk since I basically started, but after my last session, I am seeing a huge difference in my cycle! It is absolutely fantastic. And I’m very excited to continue!! And I think I’m now hooked for life!!

So I just wanted to share and say thank you!!
— CF