3 Day Foundation Course

Over three days you will explore the Craniosacral Fascial system, learning gentle yet powerful techniques to facilitate fascial release.  

Participants will learn:

  • History & theory of CFT
  • Anatomy structures of the Craniosacral Fascial System
  • How to assess the brain cycle
  • How to palpate the sacral cycle
  • How to engage fascia for global release in the body
  • Dural tube release for optimum flow of cerebrospinal fluid
  • Fascial release of oral structures
  • How to release the four main CFT structures
  • How to feel fascial strain patterns
  • How to feel fascia thru sensory activities 
  • Proper body mechanics while performing CFT

Workshops with CFT Global are hands-on and practical. A great deal of treatment is exchanged during the training, giving participants lots of time to practice and feel confident about using CFT techniques. CFT Global's teaching methods also incorporate sensory training and grounding exercises for strengthening crucial right brain awareness. Participants find it personally and professionally transforming.

Students come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, looking to deepen and expand their skills and compliment other therapeutic modalities. However, no prior medical or bodywork experience is required, and many parents take the course to learn techniques to benefit their own families. 

Previous CFT Global participants have included parents of brain-injured children, BodyTalk practitioners, massage therapists, acupuncturists, dentists, parents of children suffering from asthma and ADHD/ADD, nurses, homeopathic and medical doctors, etc.

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