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  • United States

Instructor: Laura Stuve

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This training is your KEY to healing the skyrocketing rates of immune disease: allergies, food intolerances, inflammation, chronic pain, autoimmune conditions.

In order to balance the body, we need an understanding of all the aspects of the body and how they inter-relate. What if there were exciting new research findings on a “hidden organ” that was essential for healthy digestion and brain function…

  • Ready to add it to your protocol chart?

  • Ready for powerful new understanding and tools to address allergies, asthma, inflammation and auto-immune conditions?

This “hidden organ” is the microbiome, trillions of tiny passengers that are an essential part of the super-organism of the human body…friendly microbe partners we require for a healthy immune system and a balanced brain.  They have names. They have functions. They talk to the cells of your body, and your body talks back. They have been in harmonious partnership with our systems since the dawn of humanity. Fast-forward to the present day, and we can see a tremendous toll on our inner ecosystem from our modern lifestyles. An unhappy microbiome = a reactive and inflammatory immune system.

Ready to learn new BodyTalk strategies to reset this ancient harmony?

Everything you need to know about this hidden organ including new BodyTalk protocol charts and strategies to keep it in balance can be found in the upcoming BodyEcology course. You will meet your microbiome, all the players in the immune system, update your brain to the latest research findings so that you can more effectively address the day to day issues that your clients face.