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101 Erwin Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

This training is for:
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Speech Therapist
Birth Professionals (Midwife, Doula)
Pediatrician / DO
Massage Therapist
Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
other Manual Therapists

...who want a comprehensive knowledge of the tummy time experience as well as a deep immersion into the Polyvagal Theory and Autonomic Nervous System Regulation. The training provides a vital approach to help with baby's comfort and transition to extrauterine life and the tummy time position. 

The TT!™ Method helps baby resolve in utero constriction and decreased movement, gestational or birth trauma, as well as help to regulate posture, movement and connection with parent. Tummy time is important for optimal growth and development, as well as crucial for addressing such things as plagiocephaly (head flattening), head and neck turning preferences, cranial molding from in utero position or delivery, and babies having difficulty with tummy time experience. 

Sneak peek into the curriculum:

Pre and Peri Natal aspects of tummy time
Polyvagal Theory PVT
Optimal elicitation, functional use and integration of Primitive / Postural reflexes
Sensory Integration
Movement Medicine
Dynamic Development concepts and application
Bodywork / manual therapy / reflexology / baby yoga postures
Scientific Law and Principles behind the TT! Method (Hebb's law, Functional Matrix, etc)
and the the secrets to the TummyTime!™ Method.

articipants are certified in TT! Method at the end of the class and can offer group classes and/or individual sessions. A specific emphasis is on teaching professionals ways to help baby find comfort and ease in the tummy time position.